Our dynamic dog daycare; promotes healthy social interactions, educates through curated activities, provides physical exercise, improves leash manners, and overcomes challenges together. While our training programs help you and your family to elevate communication, build confidence, instill cooperation with your dog.

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Are you tired of coming home to a bored, hyperactive dog? Does your pup struggle with leash manners or lack social skills? Does your dog destroy furniture, climb up walls, knock over friends and play too rough? Is your schedule too busy to exercise your dog 3+ hours a day? Is your dog lacking a pack mate that matches their energy and play style?

Younger, high-energy dogs need a playmate that matches them physically and energetically; most often, people try out the dog park or a neighborhood dog.

Unfortunately, these scenarios are the most likely to lead to a visit to the veterinarian as no “lifeguard” dog handler is on duty, and the average person doesn’t know how to slow down these types of much-needed social interactions. 

Well-intentioned dog adopters can often end up with a pup raised by multiple families and spent long periods in a shelter or foster scenario. These dogs often lack scheduled activities, adequate crate/rest time, and guidance. That void can allow the worst of their personality traits to grow and become trigger points for the adopter’s home.

Many of our clients come to us with dogs that lunge, bark, bite, scratch and claw their way in and out of what should be normal social interactions. Some of the worst stories include destroying crates, chewing on household items, busting through glass, chewing through leashes, and hurting themselves. These dogs can come from a place of fear, dominance, aggression, and, most of all, stress.   

We can help the dream of an improved home life become a reality!

At our daycare club, we understand the frustrations of all types of dog challenges. That’s why we offer a structured environment to address those pain points head-on. Our highly trained team is dedicated to providing a solution beyond simply keeping your dog entertained.

Our specialized programs focus on promoting healthy social interactions, building proper leash manners, and developing essential communication skills. We believe in the power of human-guided challenges to create confident, well-behaved dogs.

Our expert trainers utilize the right dog-handling techniques and guided drills (for each dog) to ensure a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Whether your dog needs behavioral improvement, leash manners, or mental stimulation, we tailor our approach to meet their needs.

Imagine coming home to a happy, fulfilled, and cooperative dog. Our daycare and training program bridges your current struggles and a harmonious relationship with your four-legged companion. Witness the joy of watching their confidence grow, their communication skills enhance, and your bond strengthens.

Don’t let the challenges of dog ownership hold you back from the loving, well-behaved pet you’ve always dreamed of. Join our dynamic dog daycare and training program today and experience the transformative power of our tailored solutions. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a balanced, happy life with your canine companion.


We foster and strengthen the dog-human relationship by providing guidance, support, and training strategies that promote trust, mutual understanding, and a harmonious connection between you and your cherished canine companion.
We provide effective communication tools by developing two way clear and positive communication channels, enhancing cooperation, expectations, manners and strengthening the human-canine bond. Training is so much more than, just a set of commands.
Our programs instill confidence in both dogs and humans through structured activities, personalized guidance, positive social interactions, overcoming challenges, building self-assurance, and achieving success together.
For families in our service area; we provide door-to-door transportation for our dynamic daycare club, day training and boarding.


Rotation of curated fun and educational activities

Threshold boundary Exercises

Impulse Control Exercises

Treadmill training

Leash Drills

Place Work

Meditative Nap & Rest Time

Transportation services

Safe guided social interactions

Advocating for each dog's social level and play style

Boarding in an environment your dog is familiar with and comfortable at.

Ongoing free club members support: We provide educational resources, advice, and recommendations to help your dogs life journey

Education for dogs that have been dismissed from other programs

Puppy and Adult socialization groups on weekends (coming soon)

Matching social time for physical ability, play style and exercise monitoring

Exclusive club environment, dogs and clients are screened to ensure our programs are a good fit for everyone.

What Our Customers are Saying

Laura P.
Laura P.South Pasadena
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Pasadena Paws is the Best! They watched my kitten Puzzle for two weeks and fed my tropical fish! Karen’s service and communication were above and beyond, I received a photo daily letting me know Puzzle was safe and happy!
John W.
John W.Pasadena
Read More
I just love Megan and the whole Pasadena Paws team. Our dog Maddie was impossible to walk, going crazy for everything that moved, scared of dogs and pulling us all over the street. Now she follows behind and her focus is on me. With Megan she is walking in a pack of 20 dogs with no problem! Megan’s free leash lessons have been so helpful
Jessica R.
Jessica R.Eagle Rock
Read More
Finding Megan was a Blessing! Prior, we had a nightmare of a time with multiple pet service companies. No one was able to care for my 3 dogs and 2 kittens at the same time. Megan can walk all of my pups and care for them when I am out of town.
Vicki K.
Vicki K.Altadena
Read More
We transitioned from pet visits to boarding at Megan’s home and the difference is clear! When we returned from our 5 day trip Jasmine and Diana were so calm and well behaved.